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Competing techniques:

● Magnetic resonance Elastography

● Ultrasound Elastography

● Optical Coherence Tomography

● Ocular Response Analysis

● Optical Coherence Elastography

● Refractive confocal microscopy

● Photodynamic diagnosis

● Fatigue testing 

● Three-point bending


Three-point bending, Fatigue testing and shear, tensile and hydrostatic compression are used for testing the mechanical properties of tissue and implants. However, these tests are destructive in nature and render the sample useless post testing.

Magnetic resonance Elastography, Ultrasound Elastography and Optical Coherence Elastography have shown promising results, however each techniques individually requires calibration against an independent gold standard to ensure the quality of results. These techniques also make an assumption for Poisson's ratio, which may give aberrant results for certain samples.